Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Way

All this started after my wife and I viewed the movie "The Way" by Emilio Estevez and starring his father Martin Sheen. It was a good movie - I enjoyed watching the characters develop as the movie went on. I also found it inspirational for a number of reasons. Almost as soon as it ended - my wife turned to me and asked if I wanted to walk the Camino. My first reaction was to go to my computer to look it up and verify that it was real and not some fiction invented by Emilio. To my surprise - it was true. I then asked her if she was serious - to which she replied - yes.  And thus began our journey. So far we have watched the movie five times - each time we notice different things about the terrain - the hills and valleys. In addition we have been reading - books and guides to assist those who are preparing for "one really long walk". We have also joined a Camino Forum and have been reading comments and helpful hints by those who have walked before us.

El Camino de Santiago Sign

We have been researching equipment - what we need - comparing reviews - verifying the quality. The most critical component of all these items is the weight. To carry enough to survive for approximately five to six weeks - while maintaining a light load - is the big challenge. We have bought and returned numerous items. We started with one back pack only to return for another. Both of us are now on our third pair of hiking boots. Some items like wool socks and sock liners are easy to purchase and keep. Other items need to be tested and tried over and over again to make sure we select the correct one.  It is a bit exhausting - but we are making headway. Through it all we are making progress - as we will experience on the Camino itself - one step at a time.

Buen Camino 
Dale and Arlene