Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Where does the time go?  We cannot believe it has been 8 months since we first decided to walk El Camino de Santiago.  We still have approximately 2½ to 3 months before we leave and both of us are starting to get a bit anxious about our supplies - our training - our expectations.  Obviously we will never have our list complete - so we buy in Spain.  Our training has had its bumps in the road but at least we are training - not as aggressively as we thought - but better than none at all.  Expectations - threw those out the window last month.  As everyone says - the Camino will provide - what happens is what happens - and that is good enough.  We are adaptable - we will adjust - we will succeed!  In the meantine we keep on walking - doing longer and longer walks weekly - training for our one day Camino on July 6th.  If that goes as planned - then we will be much more comfortable with the big one.

Like the shell above there are many routes from the edge to the center - we shall find our way - in our own time - in God's time.

Buen Camino
Dale & Arlene