Thursday, June 6, 2013

Training Days II

Now that we have more consistent weather - we have been able to get outside almost every other day.  We are still coping with Arlene's job - that will end soon - so we can do daily walks starting July.  In the meantime we are getting used to trekking poles - and settling into a walking rhythm that is not stressful - yet gets us to our destination in a reasonable time. We continue to go back and forth over the issue of socks - how many - which types - the most comfortable and such.  Most of the terrain around us is fairly flat so we are looking for places to hike that has more hills to train on.  Next week we will start training on those hills.  Everything else seems to be on track - rehearsing packing our back packs - testing our sleeping sacks for comfort - getting used to drinking from our hydration system.  
In the meantime we are promoting our training walk "El Camino de los Santos" scheduled for July 6th.  If we keep with our current pace - that should be an easy task.  Our hope is to recruit people to walk with us - to expose them to the concept of a walking pilgrimage and to the Camino in Spain. 

Our newest task is searching for lightweight shoes to use to walk through water and for use in the showers and in the evenings after walking all day.  We have a lead on some that look interesting.  We will share that information as soon as we receive them and test them out. Until then keep trekking.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene