Thursday, December 14, 2017

Future Vision Or Just A Dream?

BAM! It just has to hit you like that - sometimes. Our original three year timeline for our return to the Camino - constantly being altered. Fall 2017 has come and now rapidly turning into winter. So here is what has happened since my last post.  The leg causing all the delays did not get better as hoped. We returned from Arizona in May thinking that things had improved. A twelve day trip to Italy with fourteen family members made it very clear that my condition was getting worse - not better. Once back home we went to my eighth? maybe ninth doctor - only to discover that the cartilage that was damaged in the hip was now completely gone.  The doctor commented something to the effect that - of course you have pain - you are bone on bone. 

A few more visits to the surgeon and picking a date for surgery which would not interfere with a pilgrimage we were leading to Portugal - Spain - France in early November forced us to delay surgery until the end of November.  It has now been sixteen days post surgical and I am on the way to complete healing - in another four to six weeks. Back to square one - waiting - healing - getting well enough to restart training. New revised schedule possibly late summer or fall of 2018.  That could also get delayed - frustrated - yes - lost hope - no. As long as the rest of my body stays healthy there is always hope that we will return to walk parts of the Camino we missed the first time around. 

Fatima - Lourdes Pilgrims

In the meantime we rejoice in the fantastic pilgrimage we led to Fatima - Lourdes. As a bonus we got to stop in Burgos where I had the privilege of preaching the homily for Mass in the Cathedral. It was great to see the Cathedral again and even better to function as a deacon while we were there. With the average age of 70+ of the group this was not a walking pilgrimage - but a pilgrimage just the same. 

The journey continues.  If your own pilgrimage is suffering from a few bumps and obstacles - hang in there - it will happen - in God's time.

Buen Camino
Dale & Arlene