Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cool Rewards

There are many opportunities to enjoy the simple things in life - most of us are guilty of journeying through our lives at a hectic pace.  For those who choose to march to the beat of a different drummer - or walk at a snail's pace - there is an entirely new world to discover. Walking the Camino gives one time to look closely at things most often taken for granted. The blue of the sky - the red of the gravel - the green of the crops growing in the field - the wonder of God's hand in all of creation.  Whenever anyone asks me to prove God's existence   - I simply tell them to open their eyes and look around.

To the casual observer the people walking the Camino above are two strangers - of no interest to them - and yet they are more than that. They are pilgrims - peregrinos - walking mile after mile in quiet solitude - reflecting not only on the path they walk - but the path they have been following in their individual lives. For some the Camino will bring about a change in the way they live - in the way they react to other people and the unorchestrated events in their lives. For others the Camino will bring completely  unexpected surprises. 

A road side monument complete with the shell that designates the Camino and a figure of an early day peregrino - a reminder that this is not a modern day invention - but one that is centuries old. Peregrinos passing by add small stones to the monument - an indication of perhaps a prayer answered or a recent prayer or intention seeking future blessings.


         Villages in the distance - like an unobtainable goal - so near and yet so far away. 


                    Grapes ready for picking - the product of attentive cultivation and care

                                               Marcie From Maryland Cooling Tired Feet

A sudden turn in the path and a dry and barren trail is suddenly filled with new life - running water - a magnificently clear stream that begs peregrinos to stop and cool their feet from a days long walk.

                                           Arlene Joins Marcie In A 50F Foot Bath

The quiet is broken by more peregrinos seeing the opportunity to relax - eat a snack - bathe their tired feet in the cool refreshing waters.

                                            A Modern Twist To Roadside Assistance
Adios peregrinos - the days walk is not quite over yet - heading another one or two kilometers into Najera - seeking an albergue where we can shower from the days walk and rest our sore feet.  Today we can use a washing machine and dryer - then a short stroll through town and a light dinner.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene