Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old McDonald Had Some Gear...

Like Old McDonald we feel that we have  - here a pig there a pig - or more accurately - here some gear there some gear - coming out of our ears.  Another day closer to departure and we are still adding to our list of equipment for our 500 mile walking adventure in Spain.  We pray that we will have everything we need by Wednesday.  Air tickets - all set. Train tickets to Pamplona - all set. Train tickets from Santiago back to Madrid - all set. Now to figure out where we will lay our heads the first night in Spain and the second and the third - only time will tell.


One final training walk on Wednesday - then we pack everything for an early Sunday morning departure to the airport.  Hoping you will follow this blog and look for us on Twitter @CaminoWalkers

Buen Camio
Dale and Arlene