Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Good Hill Deserves Another

Woke up earlier this morning - left about 7:45 saying googbye to Uterga albergue - got coffee from a vending machine and headed out down a country gravel trail. Walk was mostly down hill to Muruzabal. Completed that just fine but outside the village almost missed the turn off to Obanos. Another steep ascent to the small village town - they had bronze metallic shells embeded in the sidewalks that led us through the town. Headed to Puente la Reina - no problems - then another steep hill to Maneru.

After we saw bikers walking their bikes up the hill - we decided that biking the Camino may not be as easy as one thinks. This was very difficult. On the way to Cirauqui we had to cross an old Roman trail and bridge. It was only after slowly climbing over these huge steps that we noticed an off trail track that would have been much easier. As we were looking back we saw a team of bikers getting ready to cope with those same stairs. Luckily - for them - we were able to get their attention and signal the alternate path - that earned us a hearty thank you from the guy and gal from California. The path continued to throw steep hills in our way as we moved on to Cirauqui and Lorca. We did manage to find a Farmacia that was open - talked with a young fellow who told us he had done training in Chicago and St Charles, Illinois for Arthur Anderson where our youngest son also had an early job. We spoke with the lady pharmacist - told her we were retired pharmacists - that earned us a professional discount on some vaseline and Compeed - for blisters. Foot still bothering Dale - so stopped in Lorca at the albergue. Talked with a young woman from Texas/California as we drank a Coke - needed some sugar - and ate dinner with two ladies and a fellow from Austria. Hot shower - clean dry clothes - shared a pilgrim's meal with Arlene and now ready for sleep. Trying for an earlier start Thursday.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene