Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What A Hill

Left Pamplona this morning - slept late recovering from yesterday's day of travel and losing a night of sleep. Found a breakfast bar for a croissant and cafe Continental - on "the Camino" at 9:30 - late if you travel by "pilgrim" time. Managed to find the way marks in the town

Shiny silver Camino shells embedded in the side walks - walked by the university and found more pilgrims ahead of us. Noticed one lady making good time in front of us. Finally caught up to her in the hills - she was taking a break and eating grapes - no English - solomente poco Ingles - We managed to learn that she is from here in the Muxia  area - walking from Roncevalles - so she is on her third day - left her sitting as we continued up the incline to Cizur Menor. On the way we crossed paths with numerous people - some threesomes - some singles - people walking the other way - are they on the return trip? - don't know - you offer a quick - hola or buen Camino and keep on walking. Stopped for a breather - met a young girl from Scotland - spoke English - has 2 weeks  to walk - going to Leon or Burgos - will return next year to do the last half. Finally  got to the Pilgrims Monument by the Wind Turbines - some 40 turbines slowly spinning to the rhythm of the winds on the hills - God's answer to clean energy production and mankind responded to the gift of wind by building these interesting machines. 

At the top were a group of perigrinos relaxing after the slow climb upwards. We helped out two fellows who asked us to take their photo and then they returned the favor or us. 

We wish we could say the trip down was easier than the one up - but we can't. Walking over stones the size of lemons and limes and small egos - would be more accurate. Not only were they NOT pea gravel - but they wanted to help you move faster - by slipping and rolling underfoot - not a lot of fun. We did finally get down to normal terrain - terra firma - asphalt - solid ground. Praise God for the blessings of engineering
                                    Looks interesting - a newer albergue 

Time for food and relaxing. After getting a Coke complete with ice and a lemon slice (?) por que? - and a bocadilla - an omlette in a sandwich - we decided o call it quits for the day and stay here - unfortunately - the inn is full - BUT - they do have private rooms - a little more expensive but who am I to argue with a pretty lady - my wife - and the owner (?) also very pretty. 7:00 pm a pilgrims dinner served by a very pretty and helpful waitress and now blog time. Over all - in good shape - left foot a little sore - trying to grow a blister - but we will survive. tomorrow another day.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene