Saturday, August 10, 2013

Will Nice Looking Calves Guarantee A Good Camino

I find it interesting that when we took a group of Trekkers both times we walked El Camino de Los Santos somebody in the group made the comment about how nice they thought my calves looked - that is what I get for leading the group - being in front of people opens a person to many comments behind their back.  Trying to set and maintain a steady pace that would be comfortable for everyone is not as easy as one would think - so I find it funny that while I was trying to find that stride - I was being checked out from those behind.


Although the calves may have looked nice - what they should have been concerned about was my feet - were they cool and comfortable - or was heat becoming an issue.  The first group camino that we led was only 8½ miles so everyone did well.  The second group camino of 17 miles was another story - so after walking approximately 120 miles training with no blisters - on this one single walk I finally developed my first blister!  Yes - I was disappointed that it happened - at the same time I am glad that it happened at home and with new knowledge - hope to avoid a reoccurrence in Spain.  Here is a hint - change into dry socks the minute your feet feel damp - if double socks cramp the toes then only wear one pair and take advantage of a generous toe box and do not fill it with wool.

Getting closer to departure - finally bought our plane tickets - before we know it we will be there!

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene