Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Equipment list

Today we are providing a list of the items that we will take with us on our camino. In regards to clothing - we will wear one and carry one. In order to keep the weight of our backpacks to a minimum we are forced to become minimalists - carrying as little as possible and as light as possible. The goal is to be able to walk as if you were carrying nothing more on yourself than the clothes you wear. 

Our List
backpack with raincover
sleeping bag
undies x 3
bra x 2
wool socks x 3
liner socks x 3
t-shirt short sleeve
long sleeve shirt
rain jacket
rain pants
convertible cargo pants 
walking shorts
quick dri towel
light weight sandals
travel toothpaste
extra batteries
camera + charger
iPhone + charger
safety pins
down jacket
1.8L platypus hydration bladder 
Passport + Drivers License
Insurance Cards + Travel Documents
Small wallet w/credit card + ATM card + money

As it stands this is all we will carry. No pillow? Our extra clothes will be carried in a waterproof stuff sack and we will use that as a pillow. Since we will be walking in August - September - October we can get away with shorts for most of the time except for early mornings when there is a chill. For those times we wear the convertible pants and convert to shorts as the day warms up or we wear our rain pants over shorts and remove them later in the day. If our t-shirt and long sleeve shirt does not provide enough warmth then we can layer on the down jacket and in worst case senario - add the rain jacket which will be a great windbreak and add warmth. Since Dale loves cooler weather - he will not have the same warmth issues that Arlene will. Layering with two shirts + down jacket + rain jacket should be more than enough to keep Arlene warm. 

In addition to the above items we do have the hiking boots, the trekking poles and a sun hat.
Food items will be purchased on the walk and should be readily available. Our iPhones will have music - and apps for language translator - daily Breviary.

As with everything - we are constantly evaluating - adjusting - so this list could grow a little or it could shrink - but right now we do not see anything that is excessive except the iPad. The iPad is coming along because we intend to do daily blogging and Dale will attempt to keep his Deacon blog posts current also - as long as we are able to find wi-fi.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene