Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Training Days

Today we wish to update you on our recent training days.   Besides regular visits to Planet Fitness to workout on the equipment there - we have also been getting outdoors as much as possible.  This past weekend we ventured to the Galena, Illinois area to attend a wedding. Because of  the distance we made the decision to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday. While some of our friends went golfing and wine tasting - we elected to bring our backpacks and trekking poles and walked the many trails available at the resort.  Friday afternoon we went on a two and a half hour trek up and down the many hilly trails.  Saturday morning also gave us a second chance to go trekking on other paths - one very hilly one we had missed on Friday.  Needless to say - this was a change from the flat lands that we have near our home and it was a good learning experience for both of us.  How to adjust the back packs - how to use the trekking poles - and even how to keep our sun hats on in high wind.

We even had time to attend the wedding service and attend the evening reception.  Over all one of the best weekends we have enjoyed recently - being able to be with friends - enjoy a wedding - and celebrate Mother's Day.

Today - back on the flat land we went for our first longer walk - fully equipped - again learning and making adjustments.  What was suppose to be a five mile trek ended up being six miles - seems MapQuest miscalculated the actual distance.  Arlene felt like she was starting to develop a small blister on the top of one of her little toes - but at our half way mark we stopped for a rest period and she decided to remove her inner wool socks and walk with just the thicker ones.  Turns out the seam on the inner pair was the guilty culprit. So now - to wear two pairs or not - that will have to be decided on our future walks.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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