Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fruitful Training

When a person trains for anything - a sporting event - a concert - rehearsing lines for a play - it is always better when that training effort produces good results. When others share in the benefits of that training - then that is what I call fruitful training - like a bunch of grapes that all benefit from the same nutrition supplied by the trunk of the one plant.  Last Saturday - while doing another training trek - we had the pleasure of being joined by eighteen other people on that trek.  Twenty people in total - all gained and learned from our one training event. As always - on any training event - lessons are learned - issues revisited - new ideas shared - new possibilities presented.  Our "half" camino of El Camino de los Santos - some 8½ miles - 13 kilometers - again revealed possibilities that we had not thought of previously.  Now we take those new insights and again we investigate - rethink - explore - new possibilities. As we come to new conclusions - we will share on our blog.

Needless to say - those walking with us - all had a great time and now have a new respect and understanding of walking on pilgrimage.  Now we are no longer "those crazy people" - rather innovative leaders.  We are pleased that those who walked - are so pleased with their effort and outcome.  For pictures of that event please visit our sister blog: El Camino de los Santos

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene 

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