Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Yes we have a botafumeiro of our very own.  We had to jump through a few hoops to acquire it from Spain.  It would have been much easier if we had purchased it while we were still in Santiago after completing our Camino - but we did not know it was available at that time. It was only after reading a post on the Camino Forum that we learned of its availability.  We ordered it in November 2013 hoping to hang on our Christmas tree as an ornament - it arrived in January.  Mail service from Spain is slow - as it was explained to us by the vendor.  Slow mail service coupled with the fact that the vendor did not accept credit cards or Paypal compounded the delay.  The only acceptable way to pay was by using a wire transfer service.  We selected XOOM to handle the process. Our botafumeiro now sits on top of our piano next to our shadow box holding our Credencials, Compostelas and Shells.  It is about 6 inches long - 10 inches if you include the stand.  No - we do not burn incense in it.  It is a fragile work of art - we want it to last so we will not be heating it up.

If you would like one of your own we suggest buying while you are still in Santiago - otherwise you can order online at: Souvenirs del Camino.  As mentioned above it took some time to arrive but it did finally get here.  Cost in Santiago is 16€ with shipping to the USA total was about 40€ - expensive but cheaper than a flight to Spain.

Buen Camino
Dale & Arlene 

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