Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bumps In The Road

And this too will past - plans to return to the Camino for 2016 - now in the trash. I have been coping with a leg issue since last November and due to circumstances - too many to enumerate - we have cancelled our return trip this fall. Now - if lucky - not until 2017. This is not what either of us  wanted - what we have to contend with - knees - hips - legs - backs - all very important when considering the Camino.

When we walked in Fall of 2013 - we met many people walking - against doctor's advice - most who ended up cutting their Camino short - going home - many in tears.  Hip - knee - back issues - ignored - due a romanticized idea of the Camino. The Camino will provide. That statement spoken so frequently by the naive - inexperienced - lucky ones whose major issue was not enough food - lost trekking poles - buying forgotten items of necessity. This old boy scout - be prepared - for anything - everything. This deacon smart enough to know that God helps those who help themselves - uses their brains - God given talents - wisdom - to walk any pilgrimage - well prepared. Miracles do happen on the Camino - the majority - in the region of the heart - not the flesh and bloody heart - but in that place inside each of us - we call the heart - where our spirituality - wisdom reside.

This current issue is a setback - not a stop sign - rather a caution sign - yield to the moment - exercise wisdom - caution before proceeding. Proceed we will - just not in this year.

Buen Camino
Dale & Arlene 

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