Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Very Close

We are very close to Santiago now - the 100K walkers are very numerous now - today was very fruitful - we walked about 23 kilometers - some uphill challenges but most was fairly flat. 

                                                        Morning Haze

                                         Unusual Tree - What is This?

                             Dee -You Are The Plant Person - Can You Identify?

                                     Rest Stop - Lots of Pilgrims Today

                                                Yes! 30 kilometers left

                                                  Ancient Drainage System 

      26 Kilometer Marker- This is the Same Distance as Our Illinois Camino de los Santos Walk 

                                Entering Salceda - No More Big Towns Until Santiago

                                                       From 720K Down to 25K

                                                  Did Anyone Hear This Tree Fall?

                                            Remains of Old Medieval Church

                                              End of Today's Walk - 20 kilometers left

If tomorrow goes as well as today - we will make it to Santiago - only time will tell.Watch tomorrow's post to see if we succeed!

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene