Saturday, September 14, 2013

Camino Dreams

It all started with one man - He had a dream - a dream that people could live and work together for the  common good - that each person would be given the same respect - and in return show that same respect - that the color of one's skin or eyes -  or the language that rolled off their tongue - or the food they ate - would make no difference - would cause no judgement - would not diminish the value of one's life. That man was - Jesus Christ - the Dalai Lama - Buddha - Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. - and many others. Throughout the world - peoples of all beliefs - and even those with no beliefs - have placed their trusts in their fellow man.  For Christians - Jesus of Nazareth - was that man - for Saint James - Jesus was His Lord - for each of us who walks this Camino - to venerate the bones of Saint James at Santiago de Compostela - Jesus is the guide that calls us - as individuals - to become seekers - to seek Him - to seek His peace - to seek His answers - to all our life's questions.

                                 Simple Wooden Cross at Edge of Village - Acebo

                                                 Bell Tower Acebo Church

       Even on Camino Everyday Events Such As Puppies Playing Goes On As Normal

                                                    Mountain Living

         Pilgrim Meal -Oregon - Denmark - Spain - France - Poland - Germany - America

                   Peregrinos At Dinner - Ireland - Spain - new Zealand - Korea

                  Monument at Edge of Acebo for Bicyclist Pilgrim Killed on Pilgrimage

The walking part of today's journey was very challenging - besides the routine rocks and ruts - today we walked on slippery mountain rocky slopes - thru muddy paths - along mountain ridges - and other  obstacles. For those not so quick of foot this presented a mental as well as physical challenge.

                                                   One Long Downhill Slippery Rocky Slope

                           In The Morning Sun These Looked As Bad As They Are

                                     Into Every Life There Will Be Bumps In The Road

                               How ToGet Down From There?  Very Slowly

                                       A Mountain Goat Would Be At Home Here

                                               Looking Down Into The Valley

                                                   It Just Does Not Want To Quit

                                We Arrived Safe And Sound - More Walking Ahead

                             Puente de Peregrinos Medieval Bridge Into Molinaseca

                                                           Roadside Cross

                                             In The Distance Next Village


                                         And That Is A Sheep Of Another Color


                                                      Crossing River Boeza

                                                      Medieval Bridge

                                         Ponferrada City Street - No Rocks!

                                               View Out Our Albergue Window

                                      Way Marker - Down to 202.5 Kilometers

        Parish Sponsored Albergue -  No Charge - Donations Accepted - Chapel in View

                                                               Chapel Altar

                                             Patron - Saint Nicholas de Flue

                                                      Albergue Outside Lobby

                                               Notice All The Pilgrim Bicycles

                            Two Peregrinas Soaking Tired Feet At Entrance Fount

Tonight we are staying at a large albergue - a parish sponsored hostel - no charge - donations accepted. Bed count is near 200 - we are in a semi-private room of four sharing with two young men - Paul - a nineteen year old who just finished school and is seeking direction for his life - the other fellow has been sleeping since we returned from a walk about. The place is very clean and well organized. Time for lights out and no wi-fi here - so will post in the morning at breakfast place we found with free wi-fi.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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