Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby Steps

A few months back - I had a discussion with one of my sisters in regards to a critique that Americans tend to walk in very long strides whereas Europeans tend to walk in shorter strides.  She had just returned from an European vacation on which many of the Americans had difficulty walking up hills. The tour host had tried to teach them that taking small short steps would enable them to walk farther with less effort.  Armed with that information - she thought we could use that knowledge on the Camino. The reality is that when walking the Camino - one will naturally employ the complete range available to any walker. One fact that we learned in training for the Camino and in designing our "Camino de los Santos" is that the average person's stride is approximately 30 inches which translates to 2000 steps in a mile.  Using that number it is easy to calculate that the entire Camino of 500 miles translates into one million steps!  

                                           Walking the Senda out of Astorga

                                                        Flat Walking Path

                                                   Dark Clouds Threaten Rain

                                        Today's First 10 kilometers Went Easy

                                                           Is This Accurate?   

                                                The Brown Is Turning Green

                                                    Fields Looking Healthier

                                                        Roadside Shrine

                                                         Walking Big Steps

                                                        For Sale - Needs Renovation

                                                     Entering El Ganzo

                                                  Cowboy Bar in El Ganzo

                                       Time For A Drink and Bocadillo

                                    15 Kilometers - Only 6 Kilometers More To Go

                                                            Rabanal del Camino

A relatively easy walk today - with no major challenges - feet still tired after walking for some 5 hours. Tomorrow the highest point on the Camino and the Cruz de Ferro - The Iron Cross.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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  1. I hope you are staying at Refugio Guacelmo, where I worked as a hospitalera last fall, and that you attend the vespers and compline at the church. If you can, will you post some more pictures of Rabanal - I miss it!
    I'm returning to the Camino next spring - just 7 more months!