Monday, September 16, 2013

Living On The Edge

Living on the edge - daring to go somewhere - to do something - out of the ordinary. Many people - individuals - couples - groups - dare to go beyond what is comfortable - to experience life beyond the ordinary. Experiencing the Camino de Santiago - places every participant - on the edge. Moved from an ordinary life - where almost everything is scripted - to an extraordinary experience - where every day is different from the day before - is living on the edge.

                             Leaving O'Cebreiro - View From Albergue On Way Out

Our walk began late today - waiting for the morning mist to burn off - the view over the highway quickly turned our attention to a gravel path and the green that the Galicia region is known for.

                                           Some Red Color Among The Green

                                           This Would Brighten Your Morning

                                              Up Hill Among The Green

                                                             Valley View

                                       Shaded Path Protects From Hot Sun

                                                Looking Over The Edge - Literally

                                                        Down Hill Slope

                                                    Mixed Colors Surprise 

                         Today's High Point - Did I Mention We Are In The Mountains

                                         Alto de San Rogue Pilgrim Statue

                           Click and Enlarge To Appreciate The Depth of Terrain

                                     Over the Edge - Looking Into the Valley

                                             Village of Hospital de la Condesa

                                           Looking Down Into The Valley

                                   Way Mark - Only 145.5 Kilometers to Santiago

                                             Awesome Valley Scene

                                         Walking Through God's Garden

Since I am using an iPad Mini I do not have the same ability as viewers at home. To really appreciate these landscape photos you need to enlarge to see the real perspective of these photos - the depth and height do not come across unless you enlarge - then you can see the thousands of feet of the valleys below and the mountain peaks above. Arlene and I and our fellow peregrinos are literally walking up and down these mountain ranges. The views are spectacular and many of these photos are taken from the trail edge - a slip here or there would have us falling hundreds of feet. Thank God and those who laid out these trails - that we can walk in safety.

                                             Inhabited Village Building - Note Roof

                        Common Church Structure - We Have Seen This Style Before

                                          Decoration? - Fire Wood Storage?

                                                        Village Cemetery  

                                                    Another View of Cemetery       

                                              Starting To See More Peregrinos

At the top of the hill above - the last half of a kilometer was very difficult with a very steep ascent - we were rewarded at the top with a peregrino bar where we recovered with some cool drinks and a Bocadilla. To our surprise we ran into Beatriz and Jorge who we had shared a room with two nights previously. Energized we continued for another 5 kilometers to Fonfria our end point for today.

             Tonight's Bed - Have Not Seen A Bed This Big Since We Got Into Spain

                                 Peregrino Restaurant Across From Albergue 

                          Repurposed Farm Building Converted Into  Restaurant     

                                           Peregrinos Dinner Time  7:30 PM

                                             The Italians Are Serving Soup

                              Conversation and Food - Winning Combination

                         Evan From Australia - Andrea and Stefania From Italy

                                               Peregrino Curved Dinner Table

Tonight we experienced a community pilgrim dinner - all those eating are from the Albergue Reboleira in Fonfria. Our walk today brought us only 12 kilometers closer - but we did a lot of steep hills which slowed us down. We are still happy with our progress and our albergue today is very nice.  We splurged and paid an extra 10€ to have a private room and bath. At dinner conversation was lively and fun talking with Hendrik - from Germany - Evan and Sue from Australia who are tandem bicycling to Santiago and Andrea and Stefania from Italy. The restaurant staff sat us as couples next to each other but across and next to complete strangers which helped spark the excellent mealtime experience. As we get closer to Sarria -  the number of peregrinos will increase dramatically as Sarria is the last city one can start  from to qualify for the coveted Compostela - certifying that they have walked a minimum of 100 kilometers to Santiago. 

                                                 Lounge Area in Albergue

After tonights dinner a few of us gathered to continue our conversations and for some -  like me - to spend  time on our computers to read email and blog.  We hope you are enjoying these posts as we continue to spend our days walking and praying for all those at home.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene 

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