Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Walking In A Fog

There are many people who go through life never knowing what they are doing or where they are going - trapped in a spiral of indecision and confusion. This morning - as we prepared to leave the  albergue - we were treated to the early morning fog that welcomes natives in this region. The thoughts of walking or biking brought immediate concern to the safety factor - would we be visible - on the paths and roadways we selected to walk - would the heavy fog and dew make the paths slippery and dangerous - answers we could learn only after taking those first steps of the day.

                                                       Leaving Albergue In A Fog

                                        Sue and Evan Packing Their Tandem Bike

                                                     9:00 AM Foggy Start

                                                  9:30 AM Fog Starting To Clear

                                                  Sun Starting To Come Out

                                                           Morning Walkers

                                         Yea! Sun Woking Hard To Clear Fog

                                                         Valley Views

                                                  Peregrinos Starting To Multiply

These photos do not do justice to the views we are seeing this morning.  Both of us have decided that this part of the Camino is more enjoyable to walk - green is much more agreeable to us than the previous browns. 

                                                      Uphill Cow Grazing

                                           Living On The Edge and Enjoying It

                                                       Morning Views

                                            Mountains Wrapped in Clouds

                                                          Awesome View

                                           135 Kilometers fromSantiago

                                        Albergue Backyard We Passed By

                            Take The First Turn To The Right and Watch The First Step

                                                Walking Along Lower Paths

                                                               Open Fields

                                                         Walking Along Dirt Walls

                                                               Green Fields

                                         Approaching an 800 Year Old Mill House

                                       Hey Don Brummel - A Tractor For Your Fleet

                                                At Triacastela - Our Gloal

Short walk today - tomorrow we face a steep uphill and will not get a break for 13 kilometers so we rest easy tonight and contemplate tomorrow's journey - keeping our goal clearly in focus - not walking in a fog,

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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