Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walk In My Boots - Please!

Our walk out of Ponferrada this morning brought us past the Knights Templar Castle - it is  a very impressive 12th century structure. We did not tour it but did walk up the main entrance before continuing on the Camino

                                                      Castillo de los Templarios

                                                         Entrance To Drawbridge

              Constructed About 1178 - the Order Outlawed in 1312 - Used Castle for Sale?

                               Peregrinos Enjoying Breakfast at Outdoors Cafe

This morning our walk was short lived - interrupted by more irritating blisters. Meeting other pilgrims with a similar problem we determined that a quick visit to El Estacion de Autobus and 1.65€ would get us to our next destination of Villafrance Del Bierzo - without  causing further damage to our feet. Thirty minutes later the eight of us once again took up our backpacks and began wandering through this village. It is a medieval town with buildings and bridges that testify to its authenticity. 

                                    Renovated Bridge Complete With Camino Shells

                                               The Remanent of Rio Burbia

                                              Village Built on Mountainside

                                             Camino Way Mark on Building

                                                                 Church Entry

                                                   Typical Mountain Village

                                                 View From Village Bar Deck

                                   Afternoon Vino Blanca y Tinto y Bocadilla

                                                Our Albergue For Today

This albergue is run by a husband and wife team who designed this structure that is built into the side of the mountain. The following photos show this very clean and maintained albergue. Built in 2008 - it looks as if they opened just yesterday 
                                             Notice Natural Mountain Wall

                         Our Semi-private Room Shared With Beatriz y Jorge

                         Note The Mountain At Lower Half of Wall by Backpacks

                          Night View of Our Street - Note Camino Shell Street Decor

Today - a short day - on the Camino the length of walking varies depending on many conditions. Yesterday's walk on all the difficult mountain surfaces caused today's  blisters - these will go and in time a new challenge will face us - but we do not quit - in one way or another we continue our Camino to Santiago.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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