Sunday, September 8, 2013

Camino Birthday

Happy birthday to me - celebrating 68 years of life with the prettiest lady in Spain - Arlene. She took me out for desayuno at a little pastry shop around the corner from the hostel. They surprised us with a mini hot sandwich of ham and cheese - must have been included in the price of cafe - plus our pastries. In Spain - you eat donuts with a knife and fork and all the coffees come in small cups with tiny spoons - no paper cups and plates here. They never ask for money up front - they always wait until you are finished - even at lunch and dinner - then you remind them what you ate and drank - then they give you the bill. Very friendly people here - we like their honor system.

                                                  Pastry Shop - Lots of Yummies

Then we went for a stroll. They have an awesome park here by the river with five different walkways on the one side and three on the opposite bank. This place is definitely people friendly.

                                                    Arlene Putting Me On A Pedestal 
                                      Yep - 68 Years Old Today and I Can Still Smile

                                Note The Awesome Railing and Detail - the Top Rail is Wood

                                                                Park Area

                                                    One-fifth of Park Area

                          For My McDonald's Friends - Yes Spain Has Them Too

                                                   More Park Rest Area

                                             Market Day? Was Not Here Yesterday

So as we are strolling around we came up a Sunday people's market - We walked this "Camino de los Ropas" - the walk of the clothes and everything in between. It stretched at least a mile - and we walked both directions. Didn't buy anything since we are doing ultra-light backpacking but they had some great bargains - if we were at the end of our Camino then we would have indulged - maybe we will find similar bargains when we get to Santiago. Going to Skype our sons in a bit - then heading back out into the sunshine. Camino walking resumes in the morning.

PS - What a great way to spend my birthday.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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  1. Happy, happy birthday Dale!!!!
    Enjoy your day-
    Fran and Drew