Saturday, September 7, 2013

Leon or Bust

This morning we did another jump - to Leon.  We wanted to be in a big city to celebrate my 68th birthday and to continue to heal blisters and knees - yes plural knees - now Dale's knee is having problems - and these are the golden years?  We shared the taxi expense with a lady from Austria who was coping with being a single older woman by herself on the Camino.  As many do - she was at her two week mark and questioning why she was there - the majority stick it out and their Camino begins to finally make sense in the third week. We left her in el centro of Leon and wished her well - hopefully we will see her Monday when we start walking again. Until then we are relaxing and enjoying Leon. 

                                                           Arlene at Leon Central District

                                                           Welcome to Leon

                                                Old World Buildings 

                                                             Leon Catedral

                                                         Courtyard by Catedral

                                                          Lots of Weddings Today

                                                   Leon Catedral

                                                     Public Plaza by Catedral

                                             Chapel Inside Catedral for Holy Mass

                                                      Street Performer - Mime

                                                Love This ApartmentBuilding  

                                                   A Toast To Me For My Birthday

So we took it easy today and will do the same Sunday - then back to the Camino Monday. Last night we had another fun evening with peregrinos from Arizona - the Netherlands - Ireland - Scotland. The Arizona couple had done no previous planning - the Netherlands couple were a mother and daughter team - an eccentric artist and musician - lots of fun - the Ireland couple were husband and wife - the Scottish couple father and daughter - his third Camino - two previous with two sons and now the daughter's turn.  Each day the Camino brings us new experiences.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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