Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Camino Sounds

Walking the Camino gives us a lot of time to notice things that we normally rush past in our daily routines - sound is one of those. This morning as we began today's trek - in the damp foggy gray sky - we were entertained by numerous sounds emanating from the trees and bushes around us - birds chirping - owls hooting - cow bells ringing - chickens clucking - roosters crowing - dogs barking - cows mooing - horses neighing - water running - peregrinos wishing each other "buen camino". One sound of the Camino - not as pleasant - is the nighttime snoring of many pilgrims. Snoring is not intentional - I do not snore by choice -  nobody does - yet - how some people cope with snoring is very displeasing. All the Camino informational books recommend - more than once - buy earplugs. That being said- I have a difficult time with those who get upset with those who snore - a week ago we slept in an albergue  where one peregrino - single handedly - snored through the entire night - raised 144 people quietly sleeping in their graves - caused 24 roosters to miss their 5:00 AM wake up call - because of the ferocity with which he snored -  and yet - nobody who shared his room voiced a single vowel of complaint. Unfortunately - not all are so charitable. 

                                                  Early Morning Start

                                                Downhill Trekking

                                      Yes Horses On The Camino

               The Difficult Path - 6 kilometers Shorter - Trade Off A Steep Climb

                                                         Rolling Terrain - Steep Downhill

                                                          Getting Closer

                                                                Keep On  Mooooving

    In A Completely Remote Area - A Coke Machine - Where Did They Get Electric? 

                                                            Country Walking

                                       Note The Sheep Kneeling In Prayer

                                                         Arlene Framed By Trees

                                                      Walking Over Water

                                                             The Natural Path

                                                                  Taking It Easy

                                                           Staircase In Nature

                                                        Sarria! We Are Here

19 kilometers today - now at Sarria - this is the last official leg of this trek - need to collect two sellos from this point on to qualify for the compostela. Tomorrow starts the last 100 kilometers.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the diversity and descriptions of your photos.

  2. RE: snoring. As you know, I have become quite self-conscious about my snoring. When at home, I handle it by using my CPAP (oh joy). If I can't, my plan from now onwards is to carry a bunch of ear plugs with me. They are cheap and lightweight and I am sure I can provide enough for a few dozen people if necessary ... maybe a stop at the local pharmacia is in order? Or, just don't worry about it. Remember, if someone gets angry "at you", the anger is theirs and not yours to own. Your snoring does not make another person choose to respond with anger ... they do that all for themselves.

  3. Dale and Arlene Your pictures are beautiful and your comments quite inciteful Very inspirational Dave and Nancy