Monday, September 23, 2013


When is the last time that you crossed over a bridge and gave it a second thought - the age - materials used in construction - style of construction - intended use - technology - design engineer - contractor - construction crew - maintenance - terrain - locations being connected - who or what will use it - only a short list of factors to consider when designing and justifying the cost of the project. Bridges transport - people - vehicles - animals - materials - finished goods - individuals - communities. They connect one  geographical point to another - strangers to friends - friends to foes - lovers to each other.

On the Camino - we have walked or passed by so many bridges we have lost count - today our trek promises to have us engage four or more bridges - we will attempt to photograph each one - large and small - as well as other Galician delights - enjoy. 

The most important thing about bridges - they connect individuals - like bridges - the Camino connects people - hopefully in these small bridges of new relationship between participants - the entire world will benefit.

                                         Water Fountain in Square by the Albergue

                                                  Modern Circular Home

                       Every Neighborhood Has a Square - Every Square Has a Prominent Cross

                                             Leaving Town on the High Road

                                  49 kilometers to Santiago - Note St Gianna Prayer Card on Top

One of our intents on the Camino is to spread the word about Saint Gianna Bretta Molla - so we have been handing out prayer cards we had printed - to everyone we meet - leaving at most of the albergues we stay at -  underneath the cash tip we leave at restaurants and cafes. When we finally got to the 50 kilometer marker - we started leaving  the cards at every way marker that is accessible - one every half kilometer - by the time we reach Santiago - we will have distributed over 150 prayer cards on these markers. After we reach Santiago we will continue on to Muixa and Finistre and leave the final cards there - all totaled - we will have distributed 600 prayer cards. Some of these cards have been left in the prayer card racks in various churches - so with God's blessing - a lot of people will have been introduced to one of our more modern saints.  

                                                                Rock Bridge

                                                            Stoney Pathway 

                                                         Arlene on Bridge

                                                                  Made it Across

                                              Roadside Do-it-yourself Fruit Stand

                                                Old Wide Bridge - Easy to Cross

                                         Path is Wide - Wooden Bridge Railing 

                                              Camino Shell Design on Home Fence

                                  Unusual Wild Grass With White Feathery Plume

                                                             An Aloe Plant?

                                                Bright Light Green Evergreen

                House For Sale -Features Inside Garden Atrium - Needs Some Renovation

                                      Very small stream - Bridge Not Needed

                          Afternoon German Catholic Holy Mass on a Picnic Table

                                                          Old Village Bridge

            Cows Across From German Mass Site - That Makes Them ... Holy Cows!

                                      Modern Bridge Over a Valley of Cars

                                                                  40 kilometers

                                       Our Last Bridge For Today - Medieval Stone

                         Guess What Is On the Menu for Tonight - Octopus!

                            Cooking Paella on the Sidewalk - Yes We Stopped and Ate

The end of the Camino is rushing on us  - 3 more days and Santiago - then a rest day or two and on towards the "end of the world".

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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