Monday, September 9, 2013

On The Road Again

Sounds a bit like the old Willie Nelson song - now we are back on the road again - heading on to Santiago. It was a pleasant weekend in Leon for my birthday - relaxing and doing a lot of people watching - observing how things are done in Spain. One thing we noticed - nobody  is in a rush here - everything they do takes time. A common phrase here is "no problem" - heard also in Italy - Poland - Israel. In fact from what we have observed outside the United States - people elsewhere move much slower than we do in America. Their shops and stores open late - in Spain they are closed for about 3 hours in the afternoon - reopen about 5:30 and are closed by 8:00. It is almost impossible to eat dinner/supper until 7:30 or 8:00 at night. Breakfast starts about 6:00 until 10:00. There seems to be no official lunch hour - you drink coffee/water/wine/coke anytime from 10:00am until dinner time. The afternoon is reserved for sandwiches - snacks - ice cream. Around 4:30pm starts the wine and snacks which continue until dinner at 7:30pm. In the parts of Spain that we have seen - they stay up late and sleep late. Another thing that we have observed - people count - friends count - family counts. They do not seem to be obsessed by work like Americans. Life is lived more freely here in Spain.

As we walked out of Leon - we passed by the Catedral for the last time - following the yellow way marks and pilgrim shells embeded in the sidewalks.  Our walk led us to the famous bronze pilgrim statue by the Parador.

                          Approaching The Bronze Pilgrim Seated At Foot Of The Cross

                                          Bronze Peregrino - Sandals Off - Resting His Feet

                                             Lord Take My Burdens - Give Me Strength

                                                             The Parador

                                                           Bernesga River

                                                      Sidewalk Over Bernesga

                                      River Very Low - Construction Going On

We finally got outside Leon and walked though the surrounding villages only to discover a man made hill which took us over some train tracks - so when the Camio does not provide the hill - the village fathers do.

                                            Walk Way Over Train Tracks

Arriving early at our first check point we stopped for a quick Coke and made the decision to walk the alternate route which would closely follow the highway and not take us into the countryside.

                                                      Today's Half-way Mark

                                   Walking Along The Highway Into La Virgen    

                                                    Tunnel Under Highway

The asphalt walk way quickly turned into a gravel path called the senda that parallels the highway. It may not go through the country but the walking is just as challenging on either path. 

                                                         Gravel Walk Way Nice Rocks

                                                           Dry Plants

                                                          The  Senda Next To Traffic

                                                             Hello Horses

                                                       Senda Near Village

                                       Por Favor - Dos Bocadillas y Coca Cola  - Lunch

No senor my Spanish is not that good - no matter what you say - but you have a very nice place here and thanks for making lunch for us. 

                                                        Back On The Gravel

                                                       Field of Weeds


All totaled today - about 22 kilometers - so back walking in a serious way. Feet are tired - no new blisters - showered and feeling good now. Now for some dinner and a good nights sleep.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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