Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Hills Are Alive

The hills are alive - with the sound of pilgrims - the tap-ity tap - of their walking sticks - with laughter and joy - in their voices - and languages - too numerous to count (sung to the tune The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music) - no - the Von Trapp family is not here - but almost everyone else is. One thing about The Camino - is the international appeal - with peregrinos from around the world - walking this journey. In a matter of minutes - we have heard - Italian - Polish - German - Dutch - Irish - Scotch - Korean - Chinese - Portuguese - Queens English - Australian - Japanese - American English spoken - and that was at breakfast! We find it very interesting that one Camino can draw so many diverse cultures to one spot. The Camino community was saddened yesterday to hear of two men who were hit by a truck while walking the Camino - prayers have been said for their complete recovery. As much as we - who walk the Camino - have left the real world behind - it continues to pull us back every now and then - as if to say - you cannot escape forever. 

To many - it appears as if we are escaping - truth be told - we are entering more deeply - into the mystery of mankind - the mystical forces - which make us different - and the same - individuals - yet community - seeking to free ourselves from the apron strings of the world - while holding tighter than ever in an attempt to stay connected.

                           Leaving Portomarin - Bridges Everywhere Connecting People

                              Back to Nature - Back to the Hills - Back to the Haze

                               10:00 AM  Morning Fog - Do We Live in a Fog?

                                                  Morning Dew On A Web

                                Is That Corn in the Fields or a Field Full of Corn
                                                 10:30 AM Fog Still With Us

                                          Roadside Rest Area for Peregrinos

                                     Village Cemetery - High Rise in the Country

                               12:00 Noon - Sun Finally Coming Out To Clear Fog

                                                       Village Pathway

                                             Looks Like A Tractor Store Here

                                       Do We Walk or Check-in to an Albergue

                                 Yes - Keep on Walking - 77 kilometers to Santiago

                                           Entering Village - Food and Rest 

                  After 17 kilometers of Hills and Dusty Paths - Raciones and Vino

                  Former School House Now an Albergue - 6€ for a Bed and Shower

                          Horses on the Camino - Not Pilgrims - Just Out For a Ride

Sitting next to this horse trough - relaxing - thinking about today's walk - looking forward to dinner - had to move to inside seating -  a group of obnoxious peregrinos busy with impressing each other with their accomplishments and self-importance filled the air with a manure stink that made the smell of horses much more appealing. 

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene  

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