Friday, September 27, 2013

Por Que?

Por que - why? 
Two days ago I mentioned my little fall and my injured finger - yesterday morning I woke and it was still bothering me - so we decided to go to the hospital and get an x-ray - simple enough - right? Not if you are not fluent in Spanish - it seems that nobody at the hospital could speak English - they were very polite - took me ahead of the locals at urgent care - moved me from room to room - all with big smiles and "sorry no Ingles" - in the end I did get the x-ray. We - the doctor and I - decided that we could see no fractures - just a "bump" on the one joint - so they treated my upset stomach and gave me an IV for the pain and sent me on my way - five hours later. 

                                              Finger Splint From Farmacia

We are happy that this did not happen on the Camino - not tickled pink that it happened at all - considering some of the injuries we saw walking the Camino - I will accept this smalll battle scar. When it is finally healed in a few more days - there will only be a memory - and that too shall pass. It makes me think of all the people - on Camino - in regular life - who are the walking wounded - hurting inside because of organic problems - silent diseases - arthritis - PMS - depression - diabetes - coronary artery disease - hurting because of emotional or spiritual trauma - walking alone in life because of an inner emptiness - nobody knowing - nobody caring. 

Truth be told - God knows - God cares. He may not make it known to us directly - but He will send a messenger - a fellow pilgrim - some brothers from Idaho - a Monsignor - a NICU nurse - a tatoo artist - when you least expect it - to remind you that He does care.

Next post the pilgrim Mass

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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