Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pan de la Vida

The bread of life - pan de la vida - is not about eating but rather how one lives their life. As we take our last rest day in Burgos - we anticipate resuming our walk to Santiago.  Rejoining other peregrinos walking through villages and countrysides.  We have met some in the village streets -

                                                     Walking the Pavement

others outside the villages on the roads connecting one community of people with another - and in the midst of their lives - hundreds of pilgrims passing through for a brief few moments - on a daily basis.

                                                     Trekking on Gravel Paths

                                                   Resting Besides Still Waters

                                                Looking For A Bed For The Night

                                                        Arco de Santa Maria in Burgos

                                                 Plaza del Rey San Fernando - Burgos

Finally to arrive at one of the significant destinations on the Camino - the gateway to Plaza del Rey San Fernando and the Catedral in Burgos. Some pilgrims take no rest and gather here first - others - weary from the days walk - check in at an albergue and freshen up before wandering to this square - to view this magnificant structure built over the centuries and to eat at one of the many sidewalk cafes and restuarants.  It is here that we meet peregrinos that we have walked with on previous days or who slept next to us earlier in the week at an albergue. The older couple - the lady from Colorado - still nursing her knee - looking forward to a knee replacement in November - all still here - all still walking their Camino.

                                      The Catedral de Santa Maria en Burgos

                                                      13th Century Catedral Wonder
                                    Painting of  El Cid and His White Horse in Catedral

                   One of The Three Largest Cathedrals in Spain - A Simple Hallway
                Arlene and Dale Resting With A Bronze Peregrino in Front of the Catedral

                                               El Tren de Tourista de Burgos

                             Door to Saint Nicolas Across the Street from the Catedral

                                   Large Bronze Peregrinos by Plaza Mayor - Burgos

                                       Paseo del Espolon - Large Park Area - Burgos

                                                                     El Cid

Count Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar - El Cid - a Muslim title of respect - the champion and great legendary son of Burgos. His remains have been re-re-interred (they were buried 3 different times) in the Catedral along with his wife - Jimena.

                       A Modern Invention - A Public Toilet That Sanitizes Itself After Each Use

Burgos is an architectural jewel filled with monuments and structures worth exploring. The best part of this city as in most ciies - is its people. Friendly - willing to help out a stranger - patient with  those of us who do not speak fluent Spanish - it is worth returning to on a fuure visit.

                                       The Burgos Version of Jesus on the Cross

Our Camino is a faith journey - faith in Our Lord - faith in each other. In faith we continue towards Santiago.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene 


  1. Many interesting photos. I hope your foot is healing well.

  2. Joy, joy, and more joy! I am getting many "hits" of this wonderful thing called joy as I read your blog. I only wish I had been following along since you first started your journey (back when you made the decision to embark on the trek).

    You are spreading much love and many blessings . . . probably the spread is much broader and deeper than you know!