Thursday, September 12, 2013


Wrinkles - those little things that we all have to cope with - plans made for the day - fall apart because of one thing or another - a kink in our plans - a wrinkle in our schedule - clothing that was pressed the night before - now has an unwanted crease in a spot that cannot be hidden - a wrinkle in the fabric.  Everywhere you turn people are dealing with wrinkles of one sort or another. Our plans this morning were to walk a specified distance and then meet up with two women - easy enough in back country Spain where there are not too many things to cause confusion - meet at the park in Manjarin - it is easy to find - not really - considering that the entire village from village entrance sign to "leaving the village" sign are only about 100 meters apart! We looked around - saw no one and continued on our way - a wrinkle in our plans.

                                     Brown Has Given Way To Lush Green Foilage

                                     Narrow Paths Filled With Rocky Fragments

                                               Simple Woden Cross In Memory Of ?

                             The Rolling Green Mountains - Beautiful To Behold

Many years ago as we were flying over the desert mountains on our way to Arizona -  I came up with what I thought was a creative comment on mountains - my eldest son told me I could not claim it - as he felt it was only a descripter not a thought - to this day - I still share my originl thought - you make up your own mind after you read it and think it over - 


Think of it this way - God reached down from heaven and pinched the fabric of the ground that wrapped the Earth - pinched his fingers together - thus wrinkling the ground fabic - and creating the mountains. I like it.

                                             The Path Parallels The Road

                                                 Cruz de Ferro In The Distance

The Cruz de Ferro is one of the highlights of the Camino - partially because it is one of the highest points and because of its symbolism. It is here that peregrinos leave small tokens - most often small stones - representing prayers - for forgiveness - petitions for healings - for direction in one's life - for a multitude  of things - for themselves - for others. It is a very powerful moment on the Camino - a very personal moment - a very spiritual moment. It has little to do with religion - rather a lot to do with  spirituality - not always the same thing.

                                       Arlene At Base Of Cruz de Ferro - The Iron Cross

       Arlene Kneeling at the Coss - Offering Personal Prayers and Prayers Carried for Others

                                                       Arlene at the Cross

                                                                Dale at the Cross

                                                       Cruz de Ferro in Background

                                                   Stone Chapel by Iron Cross

                                                  Peregrinos at Iron Cross

                                              Peregrino Walking With Priest

                                      Memorial for Peregrino Who Died on Pilgrimage

                                       Manjarin - Now You See It - Now You Don't

                                                   Manjarin Mile Markers


                                               Get This Cow Out of Our Way

Arlene did not like the looks of this lost and confused cow - we had to wait for her to pass by before we could continue - something about the pointy horns.

                                              OK - Geoloists - what is this rock?

                              Walking on the above rock fragments is not fun

                        At least this very steep  down hill ended at a village we could stop at

                                                       Our Albergue For Tonight

                                                        Community Bunk Beds

                                          The Path Continues Tomorrow

We enjoyed a pleasant community dinner tonight prepared by Priscilla from Brazil - - our hostess. Conversation centered on walking rocky paths with Katarina and her mother from Germany - Lucia from Poland - Eduardo from Barcelona - and a young lady from Oregon and her male companion from Denmark - while the gentleman at the next table from Ireland entertained the lady from New Zealand.  Another very interesting international evening.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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  1. What an experience, Arlene and Dale! Loving your stories and pictures! Sandy S.