Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our destination today is Hontanas - about 11 kilometers from Hornillas - not the 21 kilometers we walked yesterday - but still a respectable distance considering that we are still coping with blisters and knees and the heat of the Meseta.  Last nights sleeping arrangements were poor - but surprisingly - we did sleep fairly well considering the cots we had for beds. The worse part were those who woke at 5:00 am and disturbed everyone else still sleeping - or trying to sleep.  I am still processing that data - the obnoxious crinkling of plastic bags and the headlamps shinning across the arena right into sleeping eyes - which was more intrusive into sleep?  None the less - morning arrived right on time - low light - clouds in the sky - the threat of rain looming overhead (as if it could rain from underneath) - our walk began.  We were happy to leave Hornillas - as far as we are concerned - a place to be avoided.

                                                 Morning On The Meseta

                                                            Still A Lot of Brown

There is nothing to do on the Meseta - except pray - think - meditate - ponder - the emptiness constantly before you - the emptiness of some relationships - the emptiness of certain jobs - the emptiness inside - constantly there to remind you - of what? That you are alone - even in the midst of friends - in crowded places - with special people.  In those moments of emptiness - it is then that God will speak to us - to our hearts - to our inner person.  What He speaks - only you can know - and only if you have "ears to hear".

                                             A Peregrino and His Donkey

                 No Jerry - It Is NOT  -  ready for this -  Don - Key - Ho - Tey

                                  Arlene Checking Out Alternative Transportation

                                   Different Modes - Walking -  Biking - Donkey

                                                  Sunflowers in the Meseta

                                                               Empty Fields

                             Looking Back - Another - We Were Up There?  Moment

                                             It Is All Downhill Now - For Today

                                                    Hontanas Straight Ahead

                                      The TAU Cross - Not of Franciscan Origin Here

                          Roadside Shrine of Saint Brigida - Few Stop to View

                                               Hey Pereginos - Stop and See

                            Our Albergue for Tonight - Very Nice - Lots of Extras

                                        The Patio Space with Mini Mercado

                                                    Drying Lines for Laundry

                                                   Washing Tubs For Laundry

                                              San Roman (?) in Plaza de la Iglesia

                                             Church Across From Albergue

                                  Main Street Hontanas - 3 Albergues plus Hostal

                                      The Path For Tomorrow Morning

For dinner tonight we shared a table with Sebastian - a lawyer from the Netherlands - and Aurelio - retired from Columbia - who lived in Chicago for many years. The conversation was varied and interesting and lively - discussing religious beliefs - economics - and everything in between - as a result the four of have solved the World's problems so everyone can sleep easily tonight.   The Camino continues - a little closer to our destination - God willing - a little closer tomorrow.

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene 

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  1. I think that Donkey was a great idea.
    Beautiful, informative photos and text.
    Thank you.