Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of the World

At one point in time the Earth was thought to be flat - and the farthest western point was thought to be a land mass in Spain. Technology and adventurous sailors proved both to be wrong - the Earth is - of course round - the farthest western most land mass of Europe is in Portugal.  Not wanting to ruin a good story - the land area of A Coruna - known as Finisterre or Cape Finisterre ( in Spanish ) or Fisterra or Cabo Fisterra ( in Galician ) is still promoted as "The End of the World" - for many peregrinos who walk El Camino de Santiago - the final leg in their journey to Santiago. Finisterre is approximately an additional 90 kilometers from Santiago - having walked to Santiago - to reverence the bones of Saint James - the journey reaches completion - at "The End of the World".

Not all pilgrims walk to Finisterre - a large number - for various reasons - elect to take a bus from Santiago to make this journey - some spend a few days - some a few hours - to stand at the edge of the world and the ocean.  To make our Camino to Santiago complete - we likewise - went to Finisterre - the frosting on our cake - the foam on our beer.  Arlene and I did not travel alone - each of us had carried with us - personal artifacts - of three special people who are no longer alive. Arlene brought with her - a rosary - that she had given to Susan - our sister-in-law - my twin's wife - a Lutheran who Arlene had taught the Divine Mercy devotion - prayed on a rosary - which Susan did devoutly - and which was being prayed at the time of her death - at 3:00 PM in the afternoon - the Hour of Mercy.  With love for Susan - Arlene very reverently interred that rosary into the ocean - at the End of the World - very significant as Susan and Dean had spent their honeymoon in Spain. For my part - I had carried with me a small portion of the cremains of my twin - Dean and my older brother - Dennis - both who like Susan - had died much too early in life. The container with the cremains was opened and in two loving gestures - interred into the ocean - a significant end - and final gesture of good-bye to two brothers who were both very special to me. 

                                            Finisterre - Fisterra - Your Choice

                                                 Goodbye for Susan

                                              Goodbye for Dean and Dennis

                                                   The End of the World

Thus marks the official end of our Camino. In a few follow up posts - we will present some comments and hints for those who are considering walking their own Camino. 

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene

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