Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shrink Wrapped

Almost everyone is familiar with shrink wrapped products - the most common are found in the vegetable and meat aisles in the grocery store. The shrink wrap process has been developed so well that many other industries and products now benefit from shrink wrapping - multiple units of the same product - similar and related products may be wrapped together - especially when introducing a new product.  Today while walking - we came across a field where the farmer had shrink wrapped his hay crop. We have seen other systems used to protect hay during the winter months - this was the first time we have seen hay wrapped in plastic. 

On occasion - we will come across people who have shrink wrapped their faith - faith that carried them for a period of time - then for no reason - wrapped neatly in a package - placed on an upper shelf - in the closet of their heart - waiting - for an awakening.

                                                     Shrink Wrapped Hay

                                    Today's Starting Point - Can't Pronounce It 

                                     Looks Like A Lake - Morning Fog Ahead

                                                             Big Ant Problem

                                                Do Not Climb On The Ant

                                                            Another Ant

                                       Do You See The Spider Checking Out This Ant

                                               70 kilometers to Santiago

                                                            This Is For Dee

                                           New Meaning To New House In The Valley

                           Are They Pointing The Way To Santiago - Dancing - Arguing?

                                        65 kilometers by Car - One Hour - Walking 3 Days

                                       Farm Grain Drying Bin - Modern 

                         Old Style Grain Drying Bin On Left - Not Much Has Changed

                                                   Rocky Terrain Ahead

                                                          What Can I Say?

                                                               Getting Closer

                            Leaving Saint Gianna Molla Prayer Cards at Each Way Mark

                                Group Like -  The Knights of Columbus - To Promote The Way

                                                     Medieval Bridge 

                               Arlene - Time To Find an Albergue - Tired Feet

                                51.5 kilometers to Go - Long Day - 23 kilometers

Today was warm - about 91F - Dry and Hot - Time to Shower - Eat -Sleep

Buen Camino
Dale and Arlene  

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